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Comedian Bill Bailey backs bear rescues in India

Comic actor Bill Bailey holding a bear nose ropeAt the end of November UK comedian and actor Bill Bailey squeezed a visit to India into his busy work schedule. We invited him to visit the Agra sanctuary where he observed the complex dental work being carried out on some of the bears. His trip also gave him the chance to see captive bears on the streets and talk to the kalandar nomads who make them 'dance.' Bill was able to see at first-hand the work IAR and our Indian partners Wildlife SOS are doing to resolve the problem by finding a solution that helps both the bears and their handlers.

He was clearly moved by the rescued bears in the sanctuary, commenting: "What I found most fascinating, almost humbling in a way, is the fact that these bears have been treated with incredible cruelty, and endured terrible pain, for years and years at the hands of humans and yet they don’t seem to bear a grudge, they seem to be friendly and playful."

And of the sanctuary itself he said: "I've been struck by the incredible enthusiasm and drive of the people that work here - there seems to be a really good atmosphere."

A huge thank you to Bill for giving up his valuable time and taking such an interest in the project. His participation has already proved a great boost to public awareness of the issue, with coverage of his trip on ITN and Channel 4 news in the UK and more media in the pipeline.