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Circus legal action in Malta criticised

The Circus Animal Rights Coalition in Malta, of which International Animal Rescue is an active member, has expressed its full support for a number of individuals who are being sued for libel by circus organisers.

Acting on behalf of Circo Fantasy, J S Productions Ltd has filed suits against Ms Micheline Sciberras, Director General of Education Services; Moria Delia, a passionate animal lover and TV producer of animal programmes; Mario Galea, Junior Minister in the Ministry of Health and Social Policy, who is responsible for the aged and people with special needs and the Editor of the daily Maltese newspaper; and Alex Attard, for implying that the circus animals were being treated cruelly.

The coalition stated in its press release that Circo Fantasy and J S Productions were trying to "frighten and threaten people to prevent them from voicing their concerns against the circuses and in favour of animal rights." It also stated that the libel victims have the full support of its 20 member organisations.

The campaign is having a huge impact on people, to the extent that a considerable number of articles and letters have appeared in the Maltese press and there is great demand from local radio and TV stations for interviews and debates on the issue.

A two and a half hour programme will be broadcast live on national TV with audience participation on Friday 18 December at peak time. From surveys carried out and from what is being written on various blogs and in online responses to various newspaper articles, it would seem that a large majority of the Maltese population is opposed to circuses with animals.