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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

Cat sterilisation trip to Spain

International Animal rescue in conjunction with C.A.T.S. sent a 5 person team to the Torreveija region of Spain between the 21st and 28th November 2003.

The team consisted of Liz Varney, Alan Knight, Billy Thompson (trappers), Layla Spinks (vet nurse) and Candice Buchannon MRCVS. The operation was based in a Villa which had been donated to us by Linda Trott who replied to an article we had published in the Costa Blanca news. Linda allowed us the full run of her villa and we quickly transformed her living room into an operating theatre and the entrance hall into a reception area for cats. Linda also flew over on the Saturday to give us a hand and provide lunch for the team each day!

Layla and Candice were also able to stay in the villa which allowed them to provide overnight care for the animals that had been sterilised. The trappers had arrived the day before and were able to trap cats ready for the arrival of the vet and vet nurse. C.A.T.S chairperson Anne Drury donated her house for the trappers to stay in which was very welcome. We have many helpers in Spain and this time Cora and Rinus Wilms really rose to the occasion. Rinus was able to help us trap over 10 cats in his street and then told us of a huge colony of cats on a beach at La Mata. He then guided us there and we were able to trap another 28 cats which was nearly all of the colony.

In all we trapped and sterilised 145 cats in 5 days: 61 males and 84 females. We managed to sterilise all but three cats at La Mata beach and Rinus has been left with a trap and transfer cage so he can concentrate on these three and get them setrilised by his local vet.

We would like to thank C.A.T.S., Linda Trott, Kevin, Rinus and Cora Wilms and all of the other people of Spain who gave support to the project! Special thanks also go to P.A.L.S. social club at La Siesta urbanisation who donated Euro 1000 to help the cats , Pat Cooper who donated Euro 647 and many other people who helped with donations.