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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

Bill Bailey makes charity appeal to help dancing bears in India

Bill Bailey and rescued dancing bearComedian and musician Bill Bailey has made a personal appeal to help end the suffering of dancing bears in India.

The star has joined forces with International Animal Rescue (IAR) in a powerful fundraising appeal to help rescue bears that are held captive on the streets. The film can be viewed via our website.

IAR has set up sanctuaries in India to care for rescued bears, but it desperately needs further funding to provide extra land and facilities for the damaged animals. In the past four years they have rescued nearly 400 bears, but it is estimated that there may still be several hundred ’dancing’ on the streets.

Bill witnessed the suffering of the bears when he visited India with IAR in November 2005. He subsequently agreed to become the charity’s patron to help raise the profile of its work.

Carrie Colliss, IAR’s Development Director, says: "The ad is intended primarily as an online appeal because our budgets are tight, but we have also had an offer from some cinemas to screen it free of charge. However the web is the only way to spread the word about the bears’ plight all across the globe. The aim is to reach people the world over, recruiting new support and raising funds to help them.

"Although the footage is harrowing, we hope people will react positively to it when they realise that they really can make a difference to the lives of these bears and help us put a permanent end to their suffering."

The film was produced by independent TV production company Broad Grin Productions. IAR expressed their thanks to Bill Bailey for giving up his free time to film the appeal which will bring an end to the suffering of India’s dancing bears even closer.