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Aura updates our website from Kerala

Aura at work in KeralaAura Beckhöfer-Fialho, our very own web designer, has decided that creating and updating our website was only the beginning of the help she was prepared to give us.

Aura has worked as a volunteer for IAR Goa and Kerala in the past, but decided that sitting at a desk in London was not for her. She has taken a 5 month break in her career and moved out to India to help Avis Lyons in our Kerala clinic. Aura was also determined to keep her regular website updates going and has achieved this from our tiny office on the southern tip of India.

Our office in Sussex can now email Aura with updates and she then loads them onto the site from India. For anyone who knows the lesser developed areas of India, you will realise that this is quite an achievement as the electricity constantly turns off and the phones are more off than on.

Aura was always convinced that she could do it, telling us that "if India is good enough to run a good proportion of the worlds’ call centres then it should be good enough for us!" How right she is.