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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

Animal Welfare Library

As a result of the ever growing awareness from students and other organisations, IAR (Malta) decided to open a specialised library. The library which is available for students and other organisations consists of hundreds of books which are privately owned by Max and other members. It specialises in books dealing with the environment, flora, fauna and animal welfare in general.

We desperately need more books for this library to ensure its continued success and we would like to appeal through this newsletter to all supporters. We would be grateful for books, reports, CDs, cassettes, photographs or any other library material both new and second hand to be sent to help continue to enlarge our collection.

Any donated material can be sent directly to:

International Animal Rescue (Malta)
at Kingfisher
10 Duke of Edinburgh Street
Hamrun, Malta

Your help will help us to build this, our Millennium project which is unique on the Maltese islands.