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News - August 2010

Another bear saved from smugglers in Nepal

9th August 2010

The latest bear to be rescued by IAR's partners Wildlife SOS had been smuggled into Nepal by his captors who were later caught at the border trying to bring him back into India. This follows the rescue of eight bears at the beginning of June that had been smuggled into Nepal from India. The bear,... read more »

Bird watcher attacked by illegal trapper in Malta

6th August 2010

A birdwatcher carrying out fieldwork in Malta was attacked and injured by an illegal trapper close to the Salina Bird Sanctuary. The area is one of the hotspots for illegal trapping and one of the best sites for migrating waders. The bird watcher, who was recording wader numbers for Birdlife Malta... read more »

IAR's Ketapang centre welcomes baby orangutan Pedro

4th August 2010

The latest arrival at International Animal Rescue's orangutan rescue centre in Ketapang is a baby called Pedro. In contrast to baby Ujang who arrived only days ago, the latest addition to the Ketapang family is in good physical condition and very calm and relaxed. The orangutan had been kept by... read more »

IAR faces struggle to provide the bear necessities for rescued dancing bears in India

3rd August 2010

After playing a pivotal role in rescuing all the dancing bears in India, International Animal Rescue is facing a struggle to feed the hundreds of hungry mouths in its sanctuaries. In an emergency appeal to supporters this week, the charity is urging them not to forget the bears they helped to save... read more »

Malta PM urges Commission to explain its position on spring hunting

3rd August 2010

The Prime Minister of Malta who is responsible for the hunting issue has said in a radio interview that he doesn't know why the EU Commission disagrees with his government's plans to allow a three week spring hunting season for 25,000 birds. Referring to a report that the Commission is considering... read more »

16 macaques find freedom thanks to IAR Indonesia

3rd August 2010

International Animal Rescue's team in Indonesia has returned 16 long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) to the wild on Panaitan Island, Ujung Kulon, Pandeglang, Banten. They had come to the centre either through a community translocation process, or after being handed over by the community in... read more »

EU considers action over Malta’s spring hunting plan

3rd August 2010

Following a legal notice published by the Malta Government last April providing for the possibility of a three week spring hunting season in which 25,000 turtle doves and quails could be shot, the European Commission is considering legal action against Malta. Sources close to the Commission in... read more »


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