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News - August 2009

Investigators report large-scale suffering at reptile market

11th August 2009

Investigators from the Animal Protection Agency which is supported by International Animal Rescue have reported large-scale animal suffering at a reptile market at the Glades Leisure Centre, Kidderminster. The event had been described by its organisers as an 'exhibition' and a 'private meeting of... read more »

Malta Committee advises ban on finch trapping

10th August 2009

The Maltese Ornis Committee has voted unanimously to advise the government to ban the trapping of wild finches. The Committee was set up as an advisory body to the government on issues related to the protection of wild birds, hunting and trapping as part of the conditions set by the EU Accession... read more »

Wyre Forest Council is slammed for giving green light to reptile market

6th August 2009

Established commercial traders posing as individuals selling a few surplus pets have been given the go-ahead by the Wyre Forest Council to trade in animals at an upcoming reptile market. Despite receiving praise from the Animal Protection Agency and International Animal Rescue earlier in the week... read more »


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