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Short time to live, so made bucket list to save endangered animals. By The London Economic

After I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease six months ago I decided to spend the time I had left helping the world’s most endangered species around the globe, from India to the rainforests of Borneo.

My bucket list also included sledging with huskies under the Northern Lights in Norway, canoeing up the Amazon and helping rescued dancing bears, a leopard cub and a tiger with toothache in India.

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Öksüz hayvanlar için hayat okulu By | Posted: 29 June 2014 | SELÇUK EREN

Anneleri avcılar tarafından öldürülen hayvanlar için ders zili çaldı. Öksüz yavrular, Borneo'daki okulda ağaca tırmanmayı, yuva yapmayı, saklanmayı ve yiyecek bulmayı öğreniyor

Noel, Gunung, Tribune, Onyo, Marie, Rocky ve Rickina... Öğrenmeleri gereken çok ders var. Mezun olmadan önce iki ayrı diploma alacaklar. Öğretmenlerin de işi zor. Öğretecekleri her bilgi minik öğrencileri için hayati önem taşıyor. 



Orangutan Rescue: British woman jacks in business to devote her life to looking after orangutans in Borneo By The Mirror  |  Posted: June 23, 2014

Bath woman swaps cleaning business for monkey business, reveals new doc Orangutan Rescue: Back To The Wild

New documentary highlights the extraordinary tale of Lisa Burtenshaw, a Bath businesswoman who sold up and travelled to Borneo to volunteer at a school where the pupils are all orangutans.

Nat Geo Wild’s Orangutan Rescue: Back To The Wild focuses on the slow rehabilitation of the wild animals which Lisa called it an “amazing experience”. 


Warning: Extremely sweet pictures of orangutans. Need we say more? By Metro  |  Posted: June 18, 2014

There are not many schools out there where dangling from trees, walking tightropes and sneaking off for a cuddle with your fellow students is actively encouraged.

But, then again, these are not just your average students.

These loveable little apes did not have the best start in life and have been enrolled at orangutan ‘baby school’, before hopefully graduating to ‘forest school’.

With their big eyes, fuzzy ginger locks and an impressive acrobatic ability, you would think no one would ever dream of harming them. However, it seems there are some who are not won over by their charms.

From naughty Melky to the extremely affectionate Bunga, all of these apes were abandoned, mistreated, trapped in cages, or witnessed their mothers being slaughtered. Inseparable pair, Rocky and Rickina, were found hugging each other – and, even when they were rescued, refused to part.

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Uckfield charity set to star in orangutan documentary By Kent and Sussex Courier  |  Posted: June 16, 2014

A TEAM of animal lovers from Uckfield will be starring with orangutans on the small screen next week as part of a programme on the behaviour of the animals.

Workers from Uckfield-based International Animal Rescue’s Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre were followed by the cameras in Indonesia as they work to save the lives and build a future for nearly 70 orangutans.

The hour long documentary will air on National Geographic WILD on Monday as the crew, based in Kent and Sussex, shows how the orphaned babies are taken to the forest every day to build up their strength and develop the skills they would have been taught by their mothers in the wild. 


Vet told she is going to die draws up bucket list to save endangered animals By The Sunday People |  Jun 15, 2014 

When vet Lisa Milella was told she would soon die that triggered an amazing mission to help save some of the world’s most endangered animals. Selfless Lisa, 40, was stunned when she was diagnosed with incurable motor neurone disease in August 2013, the Sunday People reports.

But instead of wallowing in self-pity, she created a brave bucket list to help bears, orangutans, leopards and tigers all over the globe.

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Told She Has Just A Few Years To Live, Vet Lisa Milella Is On Mission To Save The Teeth Of Abused Animals By The Inquisitr |  Jun 15, 2014 

Lisa Milella, a 40-year-old veterinarian from Surrey, England, received the worst possible news last August — but the way she has reacted is not only an inspiration to others, but already has made life better for some of the world’s most helpless, abused animals. Less than a year after her devastating diagnosis she’s saved dozens of captive dancing bears, slow lorises, jungle cats, and even a morbidly overweight orangutan.



Orangutan survival school: How a British girl is helping to prepare little orphaned orangutans for life in the wild By Daily Mail | Published: 13 June 2014

Rocky and Rickina are best friends. As they pile into the school bus on their way to morning lessons, they're playfighting and planning mischief... as they always do.

These carefree kids are no different from millions of children the world over - except that they're orangutans, their bus is a red wheelbarrow, and their school features the most unusual lessons you'll ever see, thanks to a National Geographic programme called Orangutan Rescue: Back To The Wild.

First item on the curriculum, as the wheelbarrow deposits a gaggle of baby apes at the forest's edge in West Kalimantan, Borneo, is tree-climbing. Rickina is becoming an expert, but Rocky can't seem to get the hang of it and clings to his pal instead.

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