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Vincent Saving animals from suffering around the world


Among the residents currently at the Refuge is Vincent, a howler monkey whose mother was electrocuted on an uninsulated transformer in Guiones. Unfortunately, when she died she slumped onto the live electrical current and Vincent was pinned against the transformer.

At only a few weeks old, Vincent survived but was seriously injured. He had severe third degree burns to his hands and face, his left eye was burned shut and most of his left earlobe had burnt off. He had a huge indentation on his forehead where the flesh was burned down to the bone.

The Refuge team feared that Vincent was too young and frail to survive such horrific injuries. He missed his mother very much and cried for her almost constantly during his first days in the clinic. However, he was given plenty of pain medication, antibiotics and soothing burn cream, as well as lots of loving care – and gradually his wounds began to heal.

It is now more than two years since Vincent’s accident and he is thriving. He is becoming more and more independent and shows no signs of letting his disabilities slow him down. He loves to play, climb and wrestle with the other orphaned babies. Although his left ear is deformed, Vincent doesn’t seem to have any problem hearing and communicating with the other babies in the nursery. However he is very susceptible to ear infections in his damaged ear. It may be that he will need a simple surgery once he’s fully grown to open up the ear canal.

Vincent will soon be moving out of the nursery and into the outside enclosure with his siblings who are about the same age. The next stage will be to start them on a release programme which will take Vincent and his family back into the jungle where they belong.