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Holly The Dancing Bear Needs your Help

Sloth bear Holly was a victim of the illegal dancing bear trade and had the saddest start to her life. She suffered long years of cruelty and neglect on the hot, dirty streets of India before our team was finally able to bring it to an end.

When poachers killed her mother and tore Holly from her warm body, no one heard her cries. No matter how loudly she screamed in terror, there was no one to save her from the misery that was to follow.

Her sensitive muzzle was designed to sniff out termites but instead it was brutally pierced and a rough rope was pushed through the open wound.

Every day Holly was beaten and starved into submission and quickly learnt to obey her handler simply to avoid being hurt. But for him she was just a tool to earn money. To make sure Holly couldn’t defend herself he used a horrible rusty hammer to smash her teeth out. Sores formed in the gaps in her gums and the weeping wounds were a feeding ground for maggots. The pain must have been excruciating.

Holly is one of the lucky ones. She has survived life as a dancing bear and took her first step to freedom in the Agra Bear Rescue Facility.

Thanks to people like you, the vets were able to take her in, clean out those painful wounds, and start her on medication to kill the infection. 

Donate today and we can continue to give Holly and all the other bears the special care they need to keep them comfortable and content.