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Hima needs your help!

A severely injured Javan slow loris, named Hima, is in the care of the team at our primate centre in Bogor, West Java after being handed in to the local Forestry Department. The female loris was found on a plantation by a local resident who caught her and handed her over for treatment and care.

It is likely that the loris was being kept as a pet but escaped from her captors. The team noticed immediately that she was dangerously underweight and in very poor condition. Worst of all, there was a deep, gaping wound in Hima’s abdomen and around her waist, indicating that she had been kept tied up with a tight rope around her middle.

Veterinarian Purba Priambada said: “The rope must have been tied up really tightly and for a considerable length of time to damage the skin tissue so badly and cause such a shocking injury to Hima’s body.

This tiny slow loris must be in agony and it is amazing that she survived her desperate escape. Our team are doing everything they can at this time to help ease her suffering.

We will never know the full details of how Hima came to be in such a horrific condition but it’s certain that she must have suffered dreadfully before reaching the safety of our centre. She is currently receiving intensive medical treatment from our expert team of vets.

Hima’s sad story is a prime example of the cruelty involved in keeping slow lorises as pets. Keeping them captive causes them terrible suffering and ends with many of them dying painful deaths at the hands of their captors before their lives can be saved.

Hima requires round the clock medical care if she is to make a recovery and we are doing everything that we can - but we can’t do it without you.