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Help us save the lives of lorises like Marti

Marti was still tiny when she was snatched from the forest. She was torn from her mother and stuffed into a crate full of other frightened babies. They were all slow lorises – shy, endangered primates living in the forests of South East Asia. 

Their big brown eyes, soft fur and slow movements make them a target for poachers and the illegal pet trade. Hundreds, even thousands, are caught from the wild each year.

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Marti and the other slow lorises were destined for the pet market in Jakarta – a nightmare fate for any animal. It was a miracle Marti survived. But worse was to come. 

Marti was bought by a trader who held her by the neck and clipped off her teeth with nail clippers, leaving her gums badly torn and bleeding.

Many of the lorises smuggled into the market died from infections caused by the tooth clipping. But again Marti survived and was sold as a pet. 

Fortunately for Marti, help was at hand. Weeks later Marti was rescued by our team and taken to our primate rehabilitation centre in Java. The vets were shocked by her condition. Their report says she is “in a terrible state, very thin and small (300 grams) with a sparse coat and badly damaged teeth.” 

Thanks to expert treatment from our vets, Marti has made a remarkable recovery and in spite of her lack of teeth, she is even being considered for release back into an area of protected forest, far from the poachers.

In the past seven years our rehabilitation centre has taken in more than 500 slow lorises, many of them, like Marti, in terrible condition and with broken teeth. The authorities in Java have shown a real commitment to clamping down on the illegal pet trade which is pushing slow loris populations to the brink of extinction. Many of the animals we have taken in have come from large police seizures.

We must be ready to support the police by taking in the animals they confiscate: as we have seen before, this can be hundreds of animals at a time. To be ready, we need funds for more rehabilitation facilities to give the animals the best chance of survival.

With your help we can have everything in place to treat sick and injured lorises like Marti and give them the best chance of life back in the wild.

Thank you.