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Healing Burn Cream

Every year hundreds of howler monkeys suffer electrocution on uninsulated power lines and transformers in Costa Rica. The shocks are agonising and cause horrific electrical burns to those victims that survive - often babies holding on to their mothers. When electrocuted monkeys arrive at the centre they are treated with silver sulfadiazine burn cream, which is hugely effective at treating these terrible wounds.  In fact, it is so amazing that the vet team call it ‘the miracle cream’.

A gift of healing ‘miracle cream’ will help rescued howler monkeys recover and bounce back after even the most terrible electrical burns.

Virtual gifts are items we can buy for the animals with your kind donations. They can be bought from yourself or as a gift for someone else. Buy as a gift for your friend, family member or colleague and they will receive an email explaining these items have been bought for our rescued animals on their behalf.

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