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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

The Great Bear Rescue

International Animal Rescue is on a mercy mission to help suffering bears in Armenia. 

Across Armenia beautiful brown bears are being locked up in small, squalid cages, surviving on scraps and filthy, stagnant water. Right now, these beautiful bears are kept in restaurants, factories and bus depots and used as a tourist attraction.

Many of them relieve their boredom and frustration by pacing endlessly to and fro, banging their heads against the walls or climbing up the bars, searching frantically for an escape route. And many of them have spent years behind bars, enduring a lifetime of misery in appalling conditions.


The Great Bear Rescue's goal is to free all these tortured bears in Armenia and, after thorough veterinary checks and assessment, rehabilitate and eventually release those that are physically and mentally equipped to fend for themselves in the wild. Those that are not viable for release will be given a permanent home in sanctuaries where they will be well cared for, well fed and have the freedom to express natural bear behaviour.


Thanks to the extraordinary kindness of our supporters we have brought the cruel practice of bear dancing in India to a complete end. Now we urgently need your help again to end the suffering of these beautiful brown bears in Armenia. 

The Great Bear Rescue will require funding for the transport of the rescued bears to their temporary new enclosures, as well as for veterinary treatment, food and ongoing, long-term care of those bears that can’t be released. The rescue and rehabilitation operation comes at considerable cost. But it will transform the lives of animals that have spent years behind bars, suffering in silence and waiting for the day when someone would save them.

That day has now come. It is time to give the captive bears of Armenia the life and the freedom they deserve.

Your gift will go directly to help imprisoned bears like Masha.The estimated total cost of each bear’s rescue is 4000 euros. Your donation today will go towards rescuing and moving the bears to a safe place where they will be cared for with compassion and respect.  

Please help us rescue these bears before it’s too late.

We are building a new sanctuary for the rescued bears at a cost of 75,000 euros. Your gift today will help us rescue as many desperate bears in Armenia as we can, and help them recover ina safe, natural environment. Together we can finally bring an end to the shocking treatment of these intelligent, sensitive animals that have been robbed of their dignity and their freedom.

Together we can end this torture for good. Thank you for whatever you can give.