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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

Fundraising in Isolation

We're in this together!

Hosting community fundraising events in a time of self-isolation and social distancing isn’t easy but we need you now more than ever. All of our upcoming community fundraising events have been cancelled or postponed meaning that we will be loosing the funds we so desperately need for the animals that we care for. Therefore, we have come up with some ideas of how you can continue to support us whilst in self-isolation or staying at home!  Just because we are confined to our houses, doesn’t mean we should feel lonely or secluded. Communities can and will break down walls and we are all in this together. 

We have loads of ideas to help you fundraise from the safety and comfort of your own home whilst you are social distancing. Pass the time with fun and interesting activities whilst doing your best to save animals from suffering and torture around the world. 

Thank you so much for your continued support, even in hard times like this. Without supporters like you we would not be able to continue our life saving work.

Let us know what you're up to:

Get Inspired

Many of us are staying at home and practising social distancing. At this time, we wanted to share some fun ways to connect with your friends and family at the same time as raising the funds we urgently need to continue our life-saving work. 


Virtual Gig or ‘Buskathon’

If you are a musician, then you can take your gig to the virtual world! Busk your way through an hours live stream or plan a set of your favourite songs. Ask your friends, families and fans to tune in, enjoy some fantastic music and pay as they please. You can then donate all (or some) of the profits in support of our work.


14 Day Challenge

14 days of isolation may seem like a lot, but it’s a great opportunity to set yourself a challenge! Make sure you choose something that isn’t overly strict or impractical as you should hopefully want to carry it on. Ask your friends and family to donate to keep your motivation strong and set your goals harder and higher each day. Some challenges you could do are fitness challenges or giving up chocolate or alcohol!


Gardening Competition

If you have the luxury of a garden, green house or balcony, grow some plants! Whether it is tomatoes, courgettes, broad beans, sunflowers or chilli’s, see who can grow the most impressive plants out of your friends. Set a time limit and make a donation to take part. 


Come Dine with my Family 

If you are living in a house with your parents, siblings, children, friends or relatives, host a series of ‘Dinner Parties’. Perhaps you all take turn to make dinner on different nights of the week or you have an evening where you all make a dish. Ask the family to make a donation for the delicious food and donate the profits to help feed our rescued animals!


Live Video Game Streaming

If you’re an avid gamer, or you just enjoy it as a hobby, host a live video game streaming event. Set a long period of time that you will be live online for people to drop in, watch your skills and make a donation! 


Head Shave

It’s only hair, right? Be brave and shave off your hair in the bid to raise money to help us rescue and rehabilitate animals in desperate need. Set up a Just Giving page and in the weeks before get your family and friends to donate to give you the confidence for the big chop. You can even extend the activity by dying your hair bright orange before the shave to really get in the orangutan spirit!


Virtual Pub Quiz

Using online platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, FaceTime or Facebook Messenger, to host a virtual pub quiz. Charge your guests a small fee to take part and donate the ticket sales. We suggest having an animal round – test their knowledge on the natural world!


Now is the time to give it up

Do you have any bad habits? Why don’t you make the most of this time of self-reflection by beating them! Get those who can’t believe you can give up nail biting, smoking or drinking to donate in support! You can also donate the money you save if it is a costly habit which will make you feel fantastic. 


Make us Sweat!

If you are a qualified Yoga or Fitness Instructor then online classes could be the perfect way to build up a sweat whilst raising vital funds! Exercising is hard to do in the home and finding the motivation can be tricky so regular online classes can easily be fitted into a routine. You could ticket your classes at a certain price or get your participants to pay as they please. Staying active is vital in keeping your body and mind healthy!


Arty Party 

If you are an artist, photographer, designer or jewellery maker and you have any high value pieces you are looking to donate, why don’t you host an online auction! Using your creative skills is an excellent way to raise money whilst getting your name out there!



Perhaps fundraising can seem a little overwhelming right now – and that’s ok. If you want to make a difference you may consider just making a donation. We appreciate any support you can give and would be so grateful that you are thinking of us. Working from home may mean that you are spending less money on travel and takeaway coffees. Why not put that money into a jar and donate a portion at the end of the month? Any donation big or small will help significantly in these times of uncertainty.


If you need any help with choosing a live streaming platform or more information on how to collect and pay in donations please just get in touch using the form above, we would love to hear from you and help if we can! 


Other Fun Activities!


Easter Activity Pack for Kids

We have put together an Easter Activity Pack for Kids to complete whilst at home. It includes a word search, colouring pages, mask making and more! We have included a page about the work we do to try and educate whilst staying fun and interactive. Print the pack out and keep your children entertained for hours.