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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

Get Inspired

There are hundreds of ways to fundraise for us so get creative and don’t be afraid to try something a bit different.

A good place to start is to think of something that you are good at or enjoy doing, then think if there is a way you could raise money by doing it. Take a look through our A to Z of fundraising ideas and pick something that inspires you.

Below you can read about some of our fundraising stars and see what they did to raise vital funds for our work.

If you want to talk to us about your idea, to gain more inspiration, then please do get in touch! You can email [email protected] or call 01825 767688





Megan ran the marathon for us and raised £550!

“I ran the London Marathon for International Animal Rescue because I've seen first-hand how incredible their teams are at helping sick and injured animals. It was a lot of hard work and the training was punishing but it was worth every ounce of pain to raise £550 and to get the name of the charity out there. I completed it in 4 hours 43 minutes and,as you can see, I was just a little bit relieved to cross the finish line in one piece!”





Deborah has been organising fundraising events for us for many years! To date she has raised an amazing £2984 through a variety of tea parties, raffles, quizzes and stalls at fetes!

“I'm grateful that IAR can give us all an opportunity to do our bit by fundraising and raising awareness. If we all pull together we can effect change. It's not enough just looking at images of gorgeous baby orangutans, we need to take on board why they are without their mothers and help as much as we can.”



During the winter months, Jen walked the length of Scotland, with her rescue dog Haggis. Together they walked an amazing 550 miles, camping in all weather conditions along the way. So far Jen has raised £400!

“In the long term, I hope to be able to fund a larger tangible goal in terms of fundraising for the charity, such as buying the land required for the new orangutan island in Borneo (this would be huge!) In the short term, I hope to raise £2,000 for the charity's general cause.”




Melinda organised a 3 hour Spinathon and raised an amazing £1,588!

‘When I came across International Animal Rescue, and became aware of the amazing work they do, I decided I really wanted to do something to help. As I teach a spin class, I organised a 3 hour Spinathon! It was hard work but lots of fun and I would definitely do it again. It feels amazing to try and make a difference.’