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Emergency Slow Loris Rescue

News just in, our primate rehabilitation centre in Ciapus has just taken in 34 Critically Endangered slow lorises confiscated by the police from traffickers in Bandung, West Java.

If the police hadn’t stopped them, these wildlife criminals would have sold the lorises as pets on social media. Thankfully, they were intercepted by the West Java Regional Police and the little primates were rescued.

Five people, three hunters and two dealers, were arrested. Even though it is illegal in Indonesia to hunt, capture or keep slow lorises as pets, hundreds of these animals are still sold openly every day in the animal markets. 

A first check up by our veterinary team has revealed that some of the lorises have already had their teeth cut. This barbaric cruelty is carried out to make them easier to handle and more suitable as pets. Several of them also have serious wounds, probably bites inflicted while they were crammed together in small crates. They are all showing signs of extreme stress.

The team is working flat out to stabilise the lorises’ condition but it will be touch and go during the next few days as to how many of them survive. Please give what you can today to give these poor lorises the best chance of survival. They all need intensive treatment and care after suffering so much trauma and the vets will have their work cut out to keep them alive. Rescued slow lorises are at risk of dying from stress, infection and injuries suffered during capture from the wild, confinement in small airless crates and exposure to the heat and bright light of the animal markets.

Those that have had their teeth clipped are at serious risk of infection and septicaemia which often proves fatal.

Our team at the centre is working round the clock to save the lives of as many of the rescued lorises as possible. Rescuers, veterinarians and experienced animal keepers will ensure every one of the 34 lorises has the best chance possible of recovery and eventual return to the wild.

While our vets do whatever they can to save the lorises’ lives, please give whatever you can to support their work. With your help we can relieve their pain, heal their wounds and set them on the road to recovery.

Thank you.

£4/€4/$5 - A Lifesaving Syringe

 A syringe full of essential nutrients and vitamins to save a sick loris.

When raised in captivity many of the slow lorises are kept on the wrong kind of diet. When they are arrive at the centre they are extremely malnourished and need urgent treatment.

A gift of a lifesaving syringe will enable our carers to make them more comfortable with painkillers and restore them back to health with the essential vitamins and minerals.

 £25/€30/$35 - Check-up and Ongoing Treatment

Each of these lorises will need a thorough check-up on arrival at our centre. There will be many that need immediate medical treatment and others that will require extensive rehabilitation over several years.

Your donation would allow us to provide the care and treatment these lorises deserve after their dreadful ordeal, giving them the best chance at survival.


 £50/€55/$60 - Release and Monitoring

 The aim for all the lorises in our care is eventual release back into the wild. 

Once they are released we are dedicated to ensuring the lorises are thriving in their new habitat. Both the release and monitoring costs a great deal of money and a huge amount of coordination from our team.

Your donation would help our release and monitoring team do their job to the best of their ability and help them to provide for our lorises in the wild.