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Warung and Pasar have moved house!

Rescued slow lorises Warung and Pasar were recently moved into a more spacious enclosure with a female slow loris named Susanti. Susanti is yet another victim of the slow loris pet trade. She was handed over to our team by West Java’s Centre for Conservation of Natural Resources (BKSDA). Susanti is around the same age as Warung and Pasar and our animal keepers have confirmed that the three lorises are interacting well together.

When Warung and Pasar were first moved, they were quite nervous and clearly a little daunted by their new surroundings. They were always seen together and were often hugging one another for comfort. However, after a while they became more confident and actively started to inspect and explore their new surroundings.

In the video below, all three slow lorises can be seen playing happily inside the enclosure. They enjoy climbing in the trees and then resting deep in the dense foliage. This behaviour is very encouraging and our animal keepers are very pleased with the progress they are making.