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Update on recently rescued baby slow loris Pasar

We have received more good news on baby slow loris Pasar from our veterinary team in Java, Indonesia. 
Please note, the veterinary team have corrected our earliest posts, explaining that Pasar is actually female not male as we had originally reported!
After intensive treatment from our vets in quarantine, Pasar has now been moved to a rehabilitation enclosure with her friend Warung, one of the five rescued from the animal market.  Pasar is feeding on insects, gum and vegetables which is an extremely positive step for her adaption to the wild, and her weight has increased from 100 grams to an amazing 500 grams!

Pasar and Warung have been a great comfort to each other. In the wild at this young age, they would still be clinging to their mothers: instead, they are often found  clinging to each other. They are also very active in their rehabilitation enclosure, and spend much of their time playing and socially grooming each other. See also update: Baby slow loris Pasar climbs a tree for the first time.

We hope you enjoy this most recent footage of Pasar and Warung exploring their new natural surroundings!

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