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Update on Peter the bear!

Just a few months ago, we reached out to you to help us rescue Peter through our ‘Great Bear Rescue’ campaign. Peter was the saddest bear we had seen in Armenia, locked away in a tiny prison, condemned to the cold darkness of a factory. This tiny bear had spent his life in the dark, not knowing whether it was day or night.

We are delighted to be able to share a long-awaited update on Peter’s progress. Because of your incredible generosity and support, Peter has taken the first steps on his long road to recovery.

These photos show Peter inside the temporary quarantine enclosure where he is receiving round-the-clock care under the watchful eye of our vets.  The next step for Peter will be to introduce him into the main sanctuary, where he will be able to experience the freedom of the outdoors for the first time.

Within the last four weeks, Peter has gained 50kg (110lbs) in weight. This can be attributed to his new diet full of fruits and healthy proteins. His favourite things to eat are carrots and apples, despite never having tried them in the past. While he was being held captive, Peter was fed a diet that consisted of tiny scraps of food, which lead to him becoming painfully malnourished and weak

As a result of his traumatic past, Peter was initially very aggressive and wary of others. However, we are pleased to report that he is now socialising well with the other bears in quarantine, particularly the females!

Thank you for helping Peter out of the darkness. He still has a long way to go, but with your continued support, we will give him the life he deserves.