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Update on Meli the baby slow loris!

You may remember the recent rescue of a tiny loris named Meli, who was found alone by our team in a garden. Weak and malnourished, we were all worried that she might not make it through.

We are happy to tell you that Meli is making a fantastic recovery at our primate rehabilitation centre. She is under the constant care and supervision of our expert vets and keepers, and seems to be growing bigger and stronger by the day.

She is currently in a special enclosure with a comforting heat pad and a soft toy, and receives a special nutritional formula to replace the milk she should be receiving from her mother.

We are so pleased with the progress this baby is making and it’s wonderful to share such happy news.

If you would like to help little Meli, for just £4/$5 you can send her a life-saving syringe full of the essential vitamins and minerals she needs: 

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