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The story of Giri the dancing bear

Giri was 3 months old when he was rescued. He was found tied up, underweight and weak, curled up alongside another young bear. He was suffering from a horrible infection in his nose, and required urgent medical care to stop his condition worsening. The rescue took place as a part of an anti-poaching operation carried out by our partners, Wildlife SOS. 

Giri, and the other bear, were rushed to the Agra Bear Rescue facility. This facility is equipped with specialist equipment and rehabilitative facilities to provide the bears with the urgent care that they need. Giri's nasal infection was immediately treated on arrival, and he soon took the first steps on the long road to recovery. The suffering Giri must have gone through is unimaginable, and it is a miracle that he managed to survive at such a young age!  

At the facility, Giri began an extensive treatment program, which allowed him to regain his strength. His rehabilitation was helped by the fact that he had the company and comfort of Kitcha, the other rescued cub. 

Giri took to his new surroundings within a few short weeks of his arrival and settled in quite well. However, he was suffering from problems with his mental health alongside multiple physical issues. His mental state quickly improved after receiving plenty of specialist care, and he started making huge steps forward.  

Ten years on, the fear and pain Giri went through is now a faded memory. Giri has recovered well and is now enjoying his freedom. He loves to explore his large free range enclosure, and can often be found on top of a large tree, providing him a vantage point over the entire facility. He will spend hours sitting on the tree's branches, relaxing or playing with the suspended enrichments.

According to his keeper Ishrafil, “Giri is very friendly and rarely gets into fights with the other bears. He is also not very defensive about food or his territory.” He has developed a close bond with some of the other bears at the center; Kitcha, Bizi, Rock, Ravi and Karthikayani. This playful bunch are always on the lookout for new enrichment activities to engage in, and love causing mischief!

Recently, Giri gave us quite a scare after he was diagnosed with Tuberculosis and Leptospirosis. He had to undergo months of intensive care and treatment. Thankfully, he has recovered and is now back to full health. He has been put on a controlled diet of fruit and porridge. Let us hope that he has many healthy, fruit and honey filled years ahead of him! 

The care Giri received, the facility he lives in with the other bears, and his on-going care, has all been made possible by the generous, overwhelming support we receive from our donors. If you are a donor to our dancing bear project, thank you so much for your everything you have done to help these bears.