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The Story of Bianca The Rescued Howler Monkey

Meet Bianca, another beautiful howler monkey that has become a victim of uninsulated power lines in Costa Rica. She was rescued by our partners, Refuge for Wildlife, in November last year after her mother had been killed by a power transformer.

Bianca is very lucky to be alive. Her mother had absorbed most of the electrical current from the transformer; since Bianca was being carried on her back, she immediately received burns to her fingers. Most howler monkeys are rescued in a far worse condition, so it is truly a miracle that Bianca managed to escape with only minor injuries.

After arriving at our sanctuary, she was treated by one of our specially trained veterinarians, who are experienced in dealing with burns like this on a daily basis. They applied silver sulfadiazine to the wound which is good at promoting fast healing. Today, her wounds are completely healed without any scarring whatsoever, a truly fantastic result!  

Since being rescued, she has grown a lot and is now one of the most active infants in our nursery. She is a very playful monkey, and is constantly wrestling with the younger orphans! She can often be seen eating some nice, crunchy lettuce, which has quickly become her favourite food.

Bianca has also learnt how to forage for leaves; an essential survival skill for a howler monkey in the wild! Our sanctuary provides howler monkeys the opportunity to learn and grow under the watchful eye of our vets, in the hopes that one day, we will eventually be able to release some of them back in the wild.

Most howler monkeys will be released when they are around 2.5 years old, so Bianca still has a little while until she is ready to rejoin her rightful home in the vast rainforest of Costa Rica. Until then, we will do everything we can to prepare her for that big day.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our howler monkey project so far. Without you, we would not be able to provide the essential care howler monkeys like Bianca so desperately need.