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Special photos of rescued loris Canon and her tiny baby

We are pleased to report that rescued slow loris Canon and her tiny baby Chestnut are doing well. 

You may remember that Canon was rescued last October as part of a seizure of 34 lorises and gave birth just days after arriving at our centre. Upon rescue, Canon was pregnant and had three air gun bullets lodged in her head, one of which had injured her right eye beyond repair. 

But Canon is a fighter and her baby Chestnut was born in the safety of our care. The tiny baby was just 10cm when it first arrived into the world and Canon proved to be an excellent mother. Our vets report that Canon nursed her new baby with love and care despite the trauma she had been through.

Thank you to everyone who donated last October to help us deal with such a dramatic increase in demand on our resources.

Mother and baby are being given plenty of privacy, as they would be in the wild, but we are pleased to share these special and rare images with you.