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Slow Loris Conservation Campaign at Indonesian Pet Expo 2015

Indonesian Pet Expo Visitors

International Animal Rescue’s slow loris campaign team from Ciapus, Indonesia were exhibiting at the first annual Indonesian Pet Expo earlier this month. The exhibition was held in Tangerang City, Indonesia between the 11th and 13th of September.

The purpose of our team’s stand was to introduce the slow loris to visitors and to educate them on their dwindling numbers as a result of hunting and illegal trading as pets. The booth contained a wide variety of materials including banners, posters, displays and videos. Visitors were also encouraged to take photos while holding up quotes from the campaign to preserve the slow loris. The photos have since been shared on social media.

The IAR team, along with Nature Conservation Agency Indonesia (BKSDA), also conducted a speech about preserving slow lorises and not keeping them as pets, along with the impact of local community guardians in preventing the extinction of slow lorises.