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Severely injured howlers Ronny and Mama find love!

Ronny and Mama, two severely injured howler monkeys, have found love at the refuge for Wildlife in Costa Rica! 

Ronny suffered severe burns after being electrocuted by uninsulated power-lines; one of the biggest problems that face wildlife in Costa Rica.

His injury was gruesome and it was the first time our partners at Refuge for Wildlife had ever seen an electrocution injury like it.

We weren’t sure on what the outcome would be, but this brave little monkey wasn’t willing to give up without a fight, and neither were our amazing team.

Miraculously, with the odds stacked against him, Ronny pulled through after undergoing a specially developed treatment plan.

Mama was rescued after being brutally attacked by an alpha howler male. Our team rescued her and repaired her face, she was suffering from crushed and exposed nasal cavities. We also discovered she was pregnant, and she later gave birth to a beautiful baby.

Unfortunately, the baby did not survive more than a few days and mama was left heartbroken. We knew we had to do something to ease her suffering.

With both monkeys needing daily veterinary care for their facial injuries, it was decided to pair them together, to see how they got on!

We are thrilled to say, they have formed a special bond! Together, they roam around the range of enrichment activities available for them at the refuge!

Although they will always bear the scars of their tragic pasts, Ronny and Mama can look towards a brighter future, which we hope will be filled with many more days of love, comfort and companionship for them both.