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Rayu and Friends begin their journey back to the wild

Rayu and three other lorises at our centre took their first steps towards freedom in the forest once again. The other lorises travelling with Rayu are called Priangan, Srandil and Ninja. Srandil and Priangan were victims of trafficking who were successfully confiscated by the BKSDA in 2013. Jakaria, IAR's Loris Rehabilitation Coordinator, explains: "Every night the lorises in the rehabilitation cages are monitored to keep track of their behaviour. Those displaying suitable wild behaviours are then considered for release back to the wild". The rehabilitation period is different for each loris depending on the condition they arrived in.

Veterinarian Nur Purba Priambada said "As Srandil and Priangan were victims of trafficking, unfortunately their teeth were cut out. This means they have been through a much longer rehabilitation process than others". Rayu was lucky enough to have her teeth intact but unfortunately she did have a deep, infected wound on her right arm. After a medical examination from the vets at our centre, it was decided the best course of action was to amputate the infected arm up to the elbow. Rayu recovered extremely well from her surgery and the vets noticed her behaviour was still very wild so she would be suitable for release back in to the wild.

Late at night on 25th October, two of our keepers worked together to quietly round up the lorises from their rehabilitation cages and transfer them to the transport crates. They then drove overnight to the Conservation of Natural Resources Office in Ciamis. From here the team escorted the lorises to a meeting point at Tanjungsari Village, Ciamis Regency, and then followed a final trek to the habituation camp. Here the lorises will have some time to acclimatise to life back in the forest and then they will finally be released.

Jakaria said: "We are extremely happy to be able to give these lorises another opportunity to live in the forest, their original home". Purba added: "Hopefully Rayu, Srandil, Priangan and Ninja can successfully adapt, find mates and add to the current wild population."

We will update this article with more pictures from the habituation enclosure when we get them.