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Ratna The Dancing Bear

Ratna spent the first three years of her life as a dancing bear. Her first experience of this world was one of pain, suffering and stress.

Could you imagine what it would be like to have a hot poker shoved through your nose? Just so that a rope could be pulled through it and then used to torture you for the entertainment of others? This is what this beautiful bear, and many others like her, had to endure on a daily basis before being rescued by our team.

On arrival at our centre, she was slow to trust new people. During her time in captivity, most of the humans she had encountered were there purely to prolong her pain for their own enjoyment; so it’s not a surprise she was apprehensive! However, her keepers were patient with her and eventually won over her trust through positive reinforcement. Now one of her parts of the day is to greet her keeper, Jagarth, who comes to see her every day!

Ratna has developed a reputation as the laziest bear in the sanctuary. Whilst most bears can be found half way up a tree, precariously attempting to reach some fruit, Ratna will be chilling in a hammock, satisfying her sweet tooth with as many watermelons she can get her paws on! 

She has even been observed to fall asleep and then clumsily tumble out of her hammock! Woops! During her time at the rescue centre, Ratna has been able to live an enjoyable life, with proper nutrition and high quality veterinary care.

This would not have at all been possible without the generous people that support our dancing bear project. Because of you, Ratna has been able to experience happiness for the first time.