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Pat - July Update

Pat is one of our younger bears at the Agra bear rescue facility. It was the spring of 2010 when our team rescued him from a village in Bodai. Pat was just three months old and weighed only 5.1 kilos when he was rescued, so he was horribly malnourished and poor in growth. Today, he is a healthy four-year-old and weighs 99.3 kilos.

Pat is jovial by nature and enjoys spending time with all the other bears in his enclosure. His best friend is Valmiki bear and they can be spotted together digging deep pits, chasing each other or mock wrestling. Come summer, Pat enjoys the new sprinklers fitted in his enclosure (see picture). They are a source of lighthearted pleasure for him as he enjoys following the direction of the water flow from the sprinklers head and then swatting away the drops or attempting to catch them in his mouth. Pat also takes pleasure in spending time around the pool area. He can be found wandering around the pool or just taking a quick dip to beat the summer heat.  Apart from this Pat also enjoys his time on the “swing” that his keeper has built.

Because of summer season, all bears including Pat exhibit more activity post sunset. During the day Pat prefers to sleep in the shade of his den and is then energetic enough for an eventful evening. An absolute epicurean, he enjoys the food that is served to him. He is very fond of mangoes and watermelons this summer and makes sure that he doesn’t share them with anyone else.


We would like to thank you for helping us provide Pat a peaceful home to retire to and ensuring his freedom to be a bear.