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Our slow loris project takes in three new slow lorises from the illegal trade

There are currently three new Sumatran slow lorises in quarantine at our Primate Rehabilitation Centre in Ciapus. They all came from the illegal trade and two of them are in really bad shape. We’re carrying out tests to check their health and also trying to get them used to a suitable - and for them entirely new - diet.

Merrynea (pictured left) is a juvenile female of only four or five months old. She is in extremely poor condition, is terrified of humans and also very aggressive. This is no bad thing because it will make the rehabilitation process much easier. She is being given vitamins and a diet high in calories.


Romut (right) is an adult male who has been kept as a pet for the last four years. Sadly, he has joint and bone problems owing to a lack of exposure to the sunlight and a lack of vitamins and minerals in his diet. Moreover, he has multiple abscesses on his body and a very poor body condition. He is currently being given antibiotics, painkillers, vitamins and minerals.



Kamilo (pictured left) is an adult male. He is healthy but extremely scared of humans. He had problems getting used to the new diet but seems to be adapting to it slowly. He is in good condition. 

All three lorises have had their teeth clipped. This is an extremely cruel practice carried out by traders to render the lorises defenceless and make them easier to handle before they are sold as pets. The clipping is carried out without administering anaesthesia or painkillers and frequently leads to infections and septicaemia which often prove fatal. Kamilo and Romut need an extraction because their teeth are fractured and in a bad way. The surgery will be carried out in the next few days.