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Our released slow lorises show signs of starting a family!

Weighing Arjuna

Arjuna was freed from his radio collar on 23rd November after 401 days' post-release monitoring. He is now the fourth loris to have been monitored for a period that has passed the year mark. During the process of cutting off his collar the medical team confirmed that he was in good health and in very good condition. During monitoring he was always very active, he had a very large home range (to the dislike of the monitoring team!) and he was eating well on a mix of Kaliandra nectar, fruits and insects.  

Halimun had her radio collar cut off after 208 days of monitoring. Halimun was a translocated loris and so had not spent any time at the rehabilitation centre before her release onto Mount Salak. When she was caught to have the collar removed, the monitoring and medical team found that she was sleeping together with another loris. The team at first thought that it was a resident loris but, after the medical team tried the microchip scanner on the wild loris, it turned out to be Wilis, a loris we had first released on the mountain in May 2011. We had monitored Wilis for over a year before we cut off his collar. This is amazing news as we now have proof of his long term survival after our monitoring period and also potentially a population increase: when the medical team were checking Halimun they found clear indications that she was pregnant. So it looks as though Wilis is going to be a father which is great news for lorises and great news for the success of our rehabilitation project! 
Halimun and Wilis