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Patrick and John

Kiki finished his quarantine period this month and was moved to one of the large socialisation cages where he was introduced to Patrick. But sadly after years living in a tiny cage Kiki’s muscles are very weak and underdeveloped and he moves and climbs very slowly. Consequently, he was struggling in the new large cage, particularly with Patrick constantly wanting to chase and play with him, so for now he has been moved to a slightly smaller cage while he builds up his muscles and becomes stronger and more confident at climbing. Although Kiki is over 10 years old, he is extremely small for his age. He has a sweet nature which made it easy to move him without anaesthesia from the quarantine building to his new enclosure. 

Kiki being movedPatrick wasn’t on his own in the new socialisation cage for very long after Kiki moved out. John was reunited with him the following day and they are back chasing each other around and enjoying their boisterous play sessions. 

Santi has also finished her quarantine period and was slowly introduced to the baby group. She started with a couple of play sessions with Noel which went really well. Noel chased her through the trees which she really enjoyed. After such a positive experience she joined the rest of the group and is showing great climbing behaviour. She stays high in the trees and even at meal times she takes her food and returns to the tree tops.

Gembar tried to join the big boys in the juvenile group. She is such an adventurous and confident climber that she often disappears from baby school as she explores and travels further and further afield. She was still very confident climbing and exploring the juvenile forest area but a little overwhelmed by the attention of all the other bigger orangutans. For the time being she has returned to baby school where the babysitters have to keep a close eye on her to prevent her from wandering too far.

Jimo also moved from quarantine to the socialisation cages this month. He was reunited with his old friends Monte and Jingo. Jimo has got a lot bigger and stronger and has shown his strength by bending bars and breaking his cage! This keeps Dadi, our maintenance man, very busy with his welding kit! While Jimo was in the quarantine building he had started to ‘long call’ every day. The only other male orangutan in our care who also long calls is Monte so it will be interesting to see if he still carries on with this behaviour now they are neighbours and can see one another.Santi

November has also brought us two new orangutans, Temon and Rika. Both of them are currently in quarantine. You can read about their rescues here:

We have a lot more building work going on at our new site in Sungai Awan. Bulldozers are currently extending the banks of the river that surrounds our land. This makes a good firebreak as well as supplying us with water for any fires that may start on site. Making the boundary river wider is also a good deterrent for any wandering orangutans intent on exploring our neighbours' land!