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Nepal Bears Update - BINTHA

Bintha is a small bear cub that was poached to be tortured and sold to a Kalandar to be trained as a dancing bear. Her owner had used a hot iron rod to pierce Bintha’s sensitive muzzle, without any anaesthesia, so that a thick coarse rope could be passed through it. Tugging on the rope prevents the fresh wounds to be healed and Bintha learned to “dance” in an attempt to avoid the pain. The milk canines were crushed with a metal rod to avoid any injuries to the handlers. The owner had wanted Bintha to be by his side and tied to a stake for the rest of her life.

Before her spirit could be crushed, the anti-poaching team of our partners Wildlife SOS rescued Bintha at the end of 2013. Today, she is the youngest and the newest addition to the Agra bear rescue facility. A healthy bear cub weighing 52 kilos, Bintha is an active and notorious bear. When she arrived at the Agra bear facility, she was given her own space in the enclosure after she had completed quarantine. She was later moved to a socialization pen where she is in direct contact with other bears in her enclosure. During this phase, the bear learns how to interact with other bears and deal with wide-open spaces and trees to climb. After thorough analysis, she will be moved to one of the seven enclosures in the facility.

 Bintha, enjoying her enclosure.

Bintha bear shares a close bond with Bean bear. Breaking enrichments, climbing trees, digging deep pits or scooting for termites seem to be her favourite activities through the day. She likes keeping herself busy at all possible times. Bean is her partner in crime and they are always up to some shenanigans when together. Even though Bean is heavier and sizable compared to Bintha, she seems to be the boss between them. She is always chasing him around in the enclosure. 

Bintha is also very close to her keeper, Mubarak. Last week, he constructed a new enrichment for her in the enclosure and bringing that enrichment down gave Bintha extreme pleasure. She likes spending quality time with her keeper and they can be spotted playing with each other. Bintha is very fond of eating and loves all her meals. She really enjoys her fruits now, especially watermelon and grapes!

We would like to thank you for helping Bintha escape the shackles of torture and pain. Donors like you help us provide a peaceful life for Bintha at the Agra bear rescue facility.