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Nepal Bears Update - BEAN

Bean was a three-year-old cub when he was rescued by the anti-poaching team of Wildlife SOS from Giridiha in Jharkhand. When he arrived at the Agra bear rescue facility his delicate muzzle was pierced and his cruel master wrenched his canines out. The vets at the facility carefully cut his rope and treated his wound. Pain killers and antibiotics were administered, thereby giving much needed relief to Bean.

Bean was then housed in a quarantine area where he was provided with a healthy diet and his overall health was monitored carefully. Now that this period is over, Bean is a healthy bear and has been moved to the socialisation pen where he is in contact with all the other bears in the enclosure. A fencing barricade separates him from the other bears in the enclosure allowing them to socialise. After this stage, Bean will be moved to one of the enclosures in the facility. 

Bean is a simple bear that keeps himself entertained through the day. He loves playing with the bell or scooting for termites and ants while digging deep pits. He shares a close bond with Bintha bear. They like mock wrestling and chasing each other around in the enclosure. 

Bean's love for his keeper Mubarak is very evident. They can be spotted playing around at times during the day. He is also a big foodie and enjoys all his meals. Watermelon and porridge are his all time favorites and he can never get enough of it. 

We would like to thank you for helping Bean enjoy the life of a healthy sloth bear.