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Monitoring team report slow loris Tampomas is thriving back in the wild

The slow loris monitoring team from our centre in Java recently went out to The Mist Mountain National Park on Mount Salak to check up on how recently released slow loris Tampomas is progressing since being released in January 2015.

Due to the fact that slow lorises are nocturnal animals, the monitoring team must work through the night from sunset to sunrise.  With the assistance of a radio telemetry set, the team first detected Tampomas climbing high in a Durian tree at 20:00. From this first sighting Tampomas seemed to be very active and happily climbing high up in the trees. In addition to climbing the team noted Tampomas enjoying nectar from the Kaliandra tree. 

It is great to see that Tampomas is thriving out in the wild, as this is actually her second release attempt. Tampomas was first bought to our rescue centre on the 23rd September 2013 and underwent a year of rehabilitation. In July 2014 she was taken to the habituation cage and was then released back into the wild on the 10th September 2014. Soon after her release the monitoring team found that Tampomas had receieved an electric shock from entering a community garden. The team immediately bought her back to the clinic to treat her. Tampomas spent a further four months back at the centre until she was strong enough to be re-released in January.

It is wonderful to report that Tampomas now looks to be very healthy and active. The monitoring team were pleased to see that she appears to be showing an increasing amount of wild behaviours. Although this makes her more difficult to monitor, it is a great sign that Tampomas is going to have a happy healthy life back in the wild where she belongs!