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Liza the orphaned howler embraces the warmth of her new water bottle

A huge thank you to everyone that donated to our Giving Tuesday appeal to provide hot water bottles for all the orphaned howler monkeys in our care!

Thanks to your generous support, we recently delivered lots of monkey hot water bottles to the sanctuary, which are now all being lovingly embraced by the rescued babies.  The hot water bottles provide soothing comfort and warmth at a very upsetting time for these orphaned monkeys. 

The photos below show baby Liza with her brand new hot water bottle. It is providing the round the clock warmth and comfort that Liza should still be receiving from her mother. She was rushed to our sanctuary after being electrocuted on an uninsulated power cable.

She had been clinging onto the back of her mother, who received the full force of the electrocution, causing her body to set on fire.

Liza survived but received severe burns, and was in need of urgent medical treatment. Special burn cream was applied to her wounds, speeding up the healing process and allowing new skin to form. 

Electrocution can also cause internal damage, which can be very serious and slow to manifest. We are now monitoring Liza’s condition 24/7, with our specialist vets at the refuge ready to take action if her condition worsens.  

Liza’s hot water bottle will play a huge role as she recovers from her injuries. The warmth it provides will be essential to her recovery, but can never truly replace the comfort once provided by her real mother. 

We will do everything we can to help Liza on her path to recovery. There is a long way to go, but we know that with YOUR help we will get her there. 

You are all truly making amazing things happen and we are forever grateful for your on-going support! Thank you!