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Lily has urgent treatment following a dental infection

When Lily was rescued in November 2013 along with more than 230 other slow lorises, she was in good health and her canine teeth appeared to be intact. Unfortunately this was not the case for many of her friends, who had had their teeth painfully clipped by pet traders in order to make them easier to handle.

Recently however Lily showed signs of a bacterial infection and on close inspection the vets could see a fracture in just one tooth, her upper right canine. It is likely that, although her teeth were not fully clipped, the traders had tried to clip them and damaged one tooth. 

Only yesterday Andrea, our vet volunteer from Columbia, carried out a dental extraction of the canine. She reports: "The good news is that Lily is recovering really well, the surgery did not have any complications and she is eating very well. She looks in a really good shape and with a really good body condition."

We are very pleased with her recovery but she will remain under treatment and be closely monitored to make sure she completely recovers from the operation and bacterial infection.

Thanks to you, our supporters, we were fortunate to have the specialists and treatments in place to respond to this potentially serious bacterial infection. We dread to think what would have happened to poor Lily if she had been kept as a domestic pet - would they have been able to fund and find her the treatment she needed?

We will keep Lily’s adoptive parents updated as soon as we have any further information.

Thank you once again for helping us take care of Lily.