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Lily Adopter Update - November 2017

Lily is still on the shortlist as a potential release candidate but for now he is still with us in the centre.

Lily's recent high fibre diet has successfuly got his weight under control. Luckily for him it means he is back to eating his favourite foods; boiled sweet potato, pumpkin and insects. 

Like all the lorises in our care, Lily is fed twice at night - once at 18:00 and again at 23:00. Each of these feeds will involve boiled or steamed vegetables, insects, gum or yoghurt. After one of these feeds the keeper will observe Lily for an hour to monitor his behaviour and how much food he eats.

At 02:00 Lily will also receive an additional enrichment and his absolute favourite is 'seangga bambu', which is bamboo with insects. It is a long piece of bamboo which has holes cut in one side. These holes are filled with insects and the bamboo is hung from the roof of the enclosure. Lily has to manipulate the horizontal bamboo so insects become easily available at the holes and he can gobble them up.