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Kabilan the ladies’ man!

This beautiful sloth bear was rescued by our partners Wildlife SOS in 2007 when he was just one year old. The young bear had already been exposed to a life of unimaginable cruelty and suffering, and had been starved to the brink of death. 

He was in a great deal of pain due to an infection, caused by the relentless tugging of a coarse rope that had been forced through his muzzle with a hot poker.  

Upon rescue, the team immediately treated his muzzle and made every effort to gain his trust. He was transported to the Agra Bear Rescue Facility, where he slowly started to show signs of improvement. 

10 years on, Kabilan is one of the more playful residents at the sanctuary. His muzzle has healed entirely, leaving behind only a scar. Despite this constant reminder of his horrific past, Kabilan has grown into a happy and friendly bear.

He has gained a reputation as a bit of a ladies’ man! He shares a close bond with female bears Kamli, Julfi and Kanmani. He and Kanmani, his trusted partner in crime, spend their days climbing trees, playing on structural enrichments and grappling over treat-filled enrichment balls. 

He also has a very big appetite! His favourite foods include watermelons, peanuts and coconuts. He is always very happy at the sight of the keepers bringing him his favourite treats, which he joyfully guzzles up!

It is amazing to see the progress this poor bear has made.  Our supporters are the reason why Kabilan is able to spend each waking moment in peaceful relaxation, gouging on treats and enjoying the company of the ladies. We cannot thank them enough!