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Bus stop bears Max and Minnie play in the pool.

Max and Minnie, the ‘bus stop bears’ have made a full recovery from their vital dental surgery last month and have even ventured out into their outdoor enclosure. It was probably the first time either of them had felt soil and soft grass beneath their paws!

Minnie was the braver of the two, stepping straight out after a tentative sniff of the air. She then set about exploring the dens that have been specially built for them to mimic the caves wild bears use as dens in the Armenian mountains.

Max followed not long afterwards, calling out to Minnie whenever she was out of sight.

Together they dug into the soil with their powerful paws, played with rocks they had unearthed and ate the roots and grass.  It was as though they had been doing it all their lives!  Max in particular really seemed to come alive, looking happy and alert with his head held high – a real transformation from the sad, sorry bear we saw in the bus depot.

After 20 minutes spent digging and playing they turned to rolling around in muddy puddles to cool themselves off on a sweltering hot day. 

The two bears were inseparable for the rest of the day. That night they were found snuggled up happily together, fast asleep in the corner of the compound. Max was clearly dreaming of the day's activities because he was making digging motions with his paws as he slept! 

Thank you to everyone who donated and saved these bears from a lifetime of misery. The change in them is incredible. We hope it makes you as happy as we are to see it.