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Asoka climbs a tree for the first time and IAR opens 'Pre-school'

You may remember little orangutan Asoka who was rescued earlier this year. He was less than 6 months old when he was rescued by our team, weighing only 2kg.

We are pleased to report that he recently climbed a tree for the very first time! He is a very active little orangutan who enjoys climbing, the first time he was taken to a tree he climbed as high as four meters!

Now that he is stronger and a little more confident he has been introduced to Jemmi, Limpang, Seponti and Jecka in pre-school.

Pre-school has been established due to the recent rescue of so many very young orphans. The youngest of orangutans can now first attend pre-school before moving up into baby school. Pre-school ​is a much softer introduction to the forest where the tiny babies can visit the forest daily to practice their skills without being intimidated by the bigger more boisterous babies who can be slightly over enthusiastic and confident at times for the smaller ones. All of the babies in pre-school are around the same age and confidence level so that they can learn from one another in their own time without feeling overwhelmed. It is a confidence building environment and the babies rest in the middle of the day so as not to over tire or stress them. 

This wonderful video shows Asoka climbing in his hammock and then being taken to climb his first tree.