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Amal's story of survival

Amal the bear was rescued at the age of 12. He had been held captive as a dancing bear, a hot poker had been shoved through his nose when he was only a cub, leaving a gaping wound to fester for 12 long and painful years. 

The list of health problems Amal was suffering from upon arrival seemed endless. He had severe malnutrition, dry skin, and teeth that were smashed to smithereens, to name a few. Our veterinary team knew that they would have to come up with a miracle to bring this bear back from the brink of death. But they did not give up and this brave bear slowly began to make a recovery.  It is amazing to see how far he has come. 

Throughout his life, Amal had only known a world of torture at the hands of his cruel captors. It was surprising to find that, instead of being wary and distrustful of humans, he was interactive and playful with his caretakers. Now, when he spots them, he makes sure to greet them like they are his best friends! 

The weather at the Agra bear rescue facility is lovely and warm now that it is the height of the summer season. Amal is fortunate enough to have access to an oasis of leafy trees, glittering pools, and plenty of delicious fruit to munch on to get him through the hot weather.

He can usually be seen roaming around in the field with his bear friend Ranjan, where they dig mud pits to provide them with protection from the sun. He happily falls asleep in this cosy den and only comes out for his favourite treats! 

Amal has so far continued to display good health, however, he was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis which caused him to develop a limp in his left forelimb. The vets have provided him with proper treatment to help reduce pain and discomfort and he is now on the road to recovery. 

Thank you to everyone that donates to our dancing bear rescue project. Bears like Amal are able to thrive and live happy lives thanks to your kind support.