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Bean Saving animals from suffering around the world

Animals - Bean

Bean was a tiny cub when he was forced into a life of slavery. He was beaten, starved and abused. We rescued him when he was three years old and promised to do everything we could to make sure he was never afraid, hungry or in pain again. Please adopt Bean to give him the love he deserves.
Chitra was the 500th bear we rescued, just before Christmas 2008. She gets her name from Chitradurga, the area in India where she lived her life as a dancing bear.
Digit was rescued from the clutch of poachers, back in 2010. He was only a cub, but the poachers had already pierced his soft, sensitive muzzle with a red hot needle in order to keep him under control.
One of the most active bears at our Agra Bear Sanctuary is Kanmani.  She is also one of the youngest bears in her enclosure.  She was just a year and a half when we rescued her. At the time she was very malnourished and very sick.
Nishant was in very poor health when he arrived at the Agra Bear Rescue Sanctuary in October 2007. With poor vision, infected gums, a raw wound on his nose and another on one of his paws, he was in desperate need of some loving care.


Rescued as a three month old bear cub, Pat was saved from the hands of his Kalandar master who would have pierced his muzzle and smashed his canine teeth to use him as a ‘dancing bear’ when he reached four months old.
Peanut was taken away from his mother and sold to a Kalandar in Badoi, to lead the life of a dancing bear. When rescued in 2010, the three month old bear was just skin and bones weighing only 5.7kilos. 
Pepper was rescued from poachers in 2010, who had snatched him from the wild to sell into the trafficking industry. He might have been destined for China, Nepal or Pakistan. Either way, his life would have been full of fear and pain.
Raju came to our bear sanctuary at just 50 kilos, on 18th December 2009. He was India's very last dancing bear, after more than 600 bears had been rescued and given a permanent home and lifetime care in sanctuaries throughout India.
Yogi was rescued from poachers in Bihar with two other bears. He was the youngest and smallest of the group, and his behaviour was very much that of the youngest child! The other two picked on him, but despite this, he followed them around when they arrived in Agra.