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Cruel torment of Suma the sloth bear

Hidden away in the remote India–Nepal border area, Suma the sloth bear has lived a life of misery.

Our rescue team found her with bleeding claws, broken teeth and a pierced muzzle oozing with pus. A coarse piece of ragged yellow rope had been pushed through the open wound in her nose.  It had been used by her captors to force her onto her hind legs and make her ‘perform’ as a dancing bear.

Your gift today will help to repair the physical and mental damage Suma has suffered. 


It is unclear what her captors had intended for Suma – more long, painful years as a dancing bear in Nepal perhaps. But certainly if we hadn’t rescued her, Suma would have faced a miserable fate. As the police and our rescue team closed in on them, her cruel tormentors abandoned the bewildered bear, leaving her tied to a tree in the scorching sun.

On arrival at our Agra Bear Rescue Centre the stinking rope was gently removed from Suma’s nose.

As her mouth was filled with painful sores, at first she could only be fed on a bland liquid diet. However, gradually our team of vets have started to introduce solid, nutritious food into her meals and lots of love and kindness into her life.

Her terrible ordeal has left her fearful and suspicious but this has made our team more determined than ever to work at developing a bond of trust and affection with her. 

With your help, we can end Suma’s suffering and give her the happy life she deserves.

Please send whatever you can today to save Suma from further pain and help her and many other bears at our sanctuaries on their long road to recovery. Thank you.