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Help Free the Bus Stop Bears


could provide the bears with a healthy meal once they reach our rescue centre


could pay for the emergency medical care these bears desperately need after so many years in captivity


could transport the bears to our rescue centre


could help us provide enrichment activites to keep the bears stimulated and active


could help us pay the expert vets who attend every rescue


could keep our rescued bears safe, happy and healthy at our special bear sanctuary

Bus Stop Bear Rescue

Today we need your help more than ever to rescue two of the saddest bears we've ever seen. For the past 14 years they have been locked up in a tiny cage at a bus depot. We can’t imagine how any sentient creature can survive for that long in conditions of such terrible neglect and deprivation. You’d think the poor bears would go mad with boredom and frustration - or simply lie down and lose the will to live.

For the past year we have fought to overcome the obstacles thrown in the way of the bears’ rescue by their owner. He used his connections to people ‘in high places’ to stop us saving them. But thankfully, he has finally admitted defeat and agreed to surrender them both.

We're in Armenia where our team is preparing the vehicles and equipment for the rescue operation. The cruelty and neglect of these two poor bus depot bears stops here!

We will be armed with apples and honey to distract the bears from the commotion of the rescue operation. It may be that we have to cut through the bars to release them and that will be noisy and stressful for them. But we hope the bears will sense that we are here to help, not harm them.

Once they are safely anaesthetised by our vet, he can give the sleeping bears an initial medical check to assess their condition. We fear he will find that they are malnourished and underweight. They must be in poor condition after so many years in captivity. Their joints must ache with the strain of standing on a hard concrete floor for so long, with barely room to turn around or stretch their legs.

Then we will lift them carefully into the transport crates and onto the truck to take them to their quarantine quarters where a soft bed of straw awaits them. This will be an emotional moment for us all.

The medical team will keep the two bears under close observation during the quarantine period. Who knows what psychological or physical damage their life in captivity has caused? But at least now, with your help, they will receive the expert treatment and loving care they have been deprived of for so long. We hope that time will help them heal so that they can enjoy a peaceful, pain-free retirement in our rescue centre.

With your support, the cruelty and neglect of the bus depot bears can stop here and their journey to a better life can begin. 

Your donation today will help buy their ticket to freedom and a healthy, happy new life.