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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

Be Part of the Solution Film

We have released a film calling on the public to “be part of the solution” to animal suffering by supporting our work.

The video illustrates the highs and lows of our work helping animals. It shows IAR’s rescue teams coming to the aid of animals in distress: orangutans and other primates in captivity, as well as bears being forced to dance on the streets of India and a slow loris in a pet market in Indonesia having its teeth clipped. 

A series of clips then follows IAR’s teams in action, heroically carrying orangutans away from the devastated forests of Borneo, releasing a bear back into the woods and painstakingly rebuilding the broken teeth of a slow loris so that it can be returned to the wild.  

CEO Alan Knight said: “Countless suffering animals around the world are in desperate need of help and some might say that the problem is insurmountable. But our film shows that we can provide a solution and make a real difference. Nothing is more uplifting than knowing you have saved the life of a suffering animal and changed its life for the better. And the more people who support our efforts, the more animals we can save. It’s that simple.” 

You can be part of the solution


Make a single or regular gift to International Animal Rescue so that we can always be ready and equipped to help animals in need – just as we were when Pelangsi was in desperate need of our help.


By giving up your time to join our team of volunteers, you can help us build a bright future for the animals we rescue. Read how our volunteers have created an Island for our orangutans as part of the orangutan rehabilitation process.


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Our special thanks to volunteer Emma Fiorentini for creating the video.