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Baby orangutan Udin is fighting to survive


In his short life Udin the baby orangutan has been the victim of terrible trauma and brutality. He was almost certainly clinging to his mother when she was hacked down with a machete in the Bornean rainforest. It is likely he was torn from her warm body as she lay dying and was then sold as a pet to a local farmer.

Udin’s horrific ordeal has had a severe effect on his health. Imagine the terror of that tiny infant when he was locked up in a small, dark cage with nothing and no one to comfort him. His fear and loneliness must have been unbearable.When we brought him into our rehabilitation centre, sad little Udin showed no interest in his surroundings or the rescuers trying to save his life.


He was severely malnourished and dehydrated but had no desire to eat or drink. His mind and body were detaching from the world around him.

The vets and carers at our rescue centre in Ketapang, West Borneo are determined not to let Udin give up on life. They use regular sessions of interactive play and exercise to connect with him. And now, finally, he has started to respond. He is showing an interest in food and there is a glimmer of light in his sad dark eyes.




His condition is now more stable but Udin still requires intensive medical treatment.

Your gift today can help us provide constant comfort and care for baby Udin and, together, we will do all we can to save this precious little life.

Udin faces a long road ahead but at least now we all dare hope that eventually he will recover. The next few weeks will be a critical time: the condition of a baby like him can literally change overnight. His progress will be monitored on a daily basis for any signs of a deterioration in his health.


We are so proud of our wonderful team of men and women who devote their lives to saving orangutans like Udin.

Ever since he was rescued members of the team have stayed with him round-the-clock and still sleep on the floor beside him so that they can comfort him during the dark hours of the night. He clings constantly to a large fluffy teddy bear, just as he would have clung to his mother in the wild.

IAR’s rescue and rehabilitation centre in Ketapang is the only facility helping these orphaned orangutans in West Borneo. We are the only chance of survival for Udin.


Please send your gift today to support our ongoing care of baby Udin and help us save others like him, before it’s too late.

Baby Udin has done nothing to deserve the pain and misery he has suffered. But with your help we will do all we can to keep him alive and nurse him back to health.

Thank you, so much, for whatever you can give.