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Amy the orangutan

Amy the orangutan was kept as a pet in a small wooden crate in a remote village in West Borneo. She sat in semi-darkness, hour after hour, day after day, week after week. 

She crouched alone on the hard wooden floor, a broken soul held captive far from the forest where she was born. When our rescue team reached her, the look of sadness and despair on Amy’s beautiful face brought tears to their eyes. 

Her owner claimed that she had only been in her barren prison for a month but her limbs and backbone are so buckled and bent that we feel sure it must have been much longer.

Poor Amy was chained up to make sure she didn’t escape. And the heavy chain was fastened so tightly that it had worn a deep, painful wound in the back of her neck.

When Uwi, our vet, opened the door, at first Amy wouldn’t look at her and stayed slumped against the wall. She showed no interest in her surroundings. She had the dead eyes and blank gaze that come from a lifetime of loneliness and neglect. She seemed to have completely given up on life.

But then Uwi reached out and touched her gently - and a glimmer of light flickered in Amy’s eyes. She moved closer to Uwi and held out her hand. Then she looked up pleadingly – the first sign that she still harboured some small hope of being rescued.

Now Amy is safely in our care and the team at our rehabilitation centre are working hard to help her recover. But initial reports confirm just how much she has suffered.


Heartbreakingly, the vets’ health check has revealed that poor Amy can’t straighten her legs and her spine is bent – no doubt the result of her time in captivity. Our vets believe Amy is about seven years old and may have been kept in captivity for all of this time. In the wild, infant orangutans stay with their mothers until the age of six or seven, learning from them all the skills they will need to survive in the forest. But instead we believe Amy has spent most of those seven years completely alone, with no one to comfort or protect her.

Only time will tell how permanent the damage is to Amy’s mind and body. But she has waited patiently for an end to her suffering and – with your help - we will work patiently to help her recover.


Please send your gift today to help Amy recover from the trauma of her past. Together we can heal her wounds and build a new future for her.