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Alex the bear

Alex the dancing bear suffered years of terrible abuse before we were finally able to rescue him.

A sloth bear captured from the wild as a cub, he was forced to entertain tourists by performing on the streets of India. Crowds would gather to take photos and film the spectacle, as he stood on his hind legs and hopped from one foot to the other. As the cameras clicked, his handler would yank on the rope through Alex’s nose and scream at the terrified animal to make him ‘dance.’

If Alex didn’t respond to his handler’s commands quickly enough, he would be beaten and kicked repeatedly.

So, terrified and traumatised, Alex obeyed him and performed for the crowd – standing up on his hind legs or lying down on the dusty road, waving his paw at the spectators and even having a lit cigarette forced into his mouth as though he was smoking. 

Once we rescued Alex and brought him into our sanctuary in Agra, his days of torture were over forever. In the care of our Indian partners Wildlife SOS, his recovery could begin and his wounds start to heal. 

Please send a gift today to help us care for Alex 

But like all the other bears in our care, Alex remains permanently scarred and deeply traumatised by the abuse he has suffered. Alex is one of the most mentally damaged by what he has been through. Even now the sight of someone lifting a camera is enough to cause him deep distress. 

We work hard to give Alex and all his friends as peaceful and contented a life as possible. He lives in a large forested enclosure in our Agra sanctuary with several other rescued bears. They are kept healthy and well-fed on daily dishes of porridge with fruits and honey. And every day they enjoy enrichment of various kinds, delivered to them by their keepers from Wildlife SOS.  

Please send a gift today to help us keep Alex’s nightmares at bay by giving him the peaceful and pain-free life he deserves. 

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